[Grief] announcement from danny hyde re: new ESA moons milk vinyl release

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Sat Jan 19 13:44:48 PST 2013

Got the cd when Danny originally released it - fantastic work! One of
Christopherson's best (really makes you think what mesmerizing work he
could've done if still alive - what a pity!). Really loved it - not to be
missed - s., rio.

2013/1/19 Grant Regnaert <tripreset at hotmail.com>

> Hey everyone,
> Here is a special offer from Danny Hyde re: a new limited vinyl release of
> ESA's Moon's Milk - a collaboration between PETER CHRISTOPHERSON and DANNY
> HYDE -
> It also includes a new previously unreleased fourth track!
> Thanks.
> Grant
> ESA--Moons Milk -Vinyl release-- offer
> It has been decided that a  limited run Of 500 hand numbered 180 gram
> gatefold vinyl copies shall
> be  released of the "moons milk in final phase "
> The vinyl also contains a fourth  track in keeping with the mood of the 3
> on
> the cd, it has been
> mastered again  by Mark Godwin and will enable balance of 2 tracks a side
> on 12"
> Some  History
> The cds were funded by record company money and as such the record  company
> received a huge
> slice of the cds and control over certain aspects, I  want this to be
> different; we shall try and fund this
> manufacturing  run.
> In Return for your support you will receive early editions at low  price
> the link below will explain a little more:
> _http://www.auralrage.com/vinylinfinalphase.htm_
> (http://www.auralrage.com/vinylinfinalphase.htm)
> There  is a cut-off date listed on site to raise the money, if after that
> date it has  not been achieved,
> full refunds will be given asap and the names entered in  database for them
> to be offered discounts
> on next release you will all also  receive a download of the "4th track"-
> delivered 23rd January 2013
> regardless  if we succeed or fail to raise manufacturing costs.
> Until the funds are  accrued, every day I will email another batch of
> buyers in descending  order.
> If this doesn't achieve the result needed, I will widen the net to  include
> others, but you are being
> offered it first
> All buyers that take  part in this first push, for helping make this
> happen, will be named on
> a  sheet accompanying all of the 500 gatefolds.
> I would also like to add that I  will be personally numbering and signing
> each and every copy of this
> batch  myself,
> This is not for some kind of ego thing, it is just to create  something
> human and personal to the
> project, and as each copy will be handled  by me I can even leave off the
> signature or make it
> personal if required and  requested etc. etc.
> When the Vinyl is manufactured and all of your copies  have been sent to
> you, the remaining copies
> will go on general sale and they  will be unsigned and the later numbers.
> I understand if you do not want to  partake, but I promise this will be a
> high quality product, if the
> funds do  not make the total needed to create the run, all money will be
> refunded 100% and  a
> different route will be sought.
> Best,
> Danny  Hyde
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