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Just to confuse things further, I just saw this at the Brainwashed site TG FAQs  http://www.brainwashed.com/tg/faqs.html 

So seems Chris n Cosey have one take on the subject but recommend WOC for a true account...which as Grant says states Chris was the last to join.

"Q: What is the real deal with Peter not being listed as a member on many of the CDs? 

Peter wasn't even in the original line-up and had to be 
'encouraged' to join in the fun by ourselves and Genesis. Peter doesn't 
appear on some of the very early TG recordings and was 'front of house' 
sound engineer at early TG gigs. For an unbiased 'warts and all' story 
of Throbbing Gristle, we suggest any interested readers check out the 
new book by Simon Ford, entitled Wreckers Of Civilisation: The Story Of COUM Transmissions And Throbbing Gristle.
taken from a letter to "The Wire" by Chris and Cosey"




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No, Sleazy had indeed already joined by 1975.  He was even a member of COUM Transmissions by then. There are pictures from 1975 of Gen, Cosey and Sleazy doing COUM performances in the Wreckers of Civ book. 
You are thinking of Chris Carter. 
Chris was actually the last member of TG to join. 
But Chris still joined in 1975. It even states he was the last member to join in the WOC book. 

So those recordings (not Blood Pressure), at least Giftgas, is from 1975 from what I remember Sleazy telling me about Giftgas at a TG gig when we were talking and I asked him about it. And probably Kreeme Horn is too... though I didnt ask him about that. 
Gen just left Peter's name off the Dossier credits because he's a wanker.  


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Hm, I'm sure I saw the Speed title in the 80s, before Blood Pressure appeared.

Re Giftgas (and all the Dossier releases) some great nuggets but I'm pretty sure the jams are c.1976 -77. Stating 1975 was I suspect GPOs way of not having to credit Sleazy who by that time hadn't joined. By the time of the Dossier releases, they hadn't spoken for ten years.

And looks like that's just happen again with Desertshore! Stalinists eh? ;0)
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