[Grief] Nothing short of a total twitter war

david brookes harmaline23 at hotmail.com
Sun Sep 23 06:19:45 PDT 2012

I see Gen and Chris are at loggerheads on Twitter regarding Desertshore, with Gen asking TG fans to boycott Desertshore. Chris's explanation is that it is no longer an official TG album but a collaboration between Chris, Cosey and Sleazy et al. I guess when Gen left the tour they decided to scrap all of his vocals and use guest artists instead.
Waiting for this release for the last few years I have ALWAYS been under the impression that it was the final TG record, it has always been advertised as such by C+C. I have to say I'm with Gen on this, if it's not the four of them it's NOT TG and should never have been advertised that is was. 
I  for one will not be buying a copy. The post 1981, post analogue TG sound, mainly Chris's all new digital gear sounds too sterile and clean to me.
It really is a sad end to the whole TG saga

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