[Grief] Grief Digest, Vol 114, Issue 2

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Thu Sep 20 15:09:06 PDT 2012

Yes you are right about Sleazy, thanks for the info. One mystery that remains about Blood Pressure is the writing date of 1955 for Cerebral Aneurism (Epping Forest). Any idea what that means? I guess a childhood memory of Epping Forest where indeed GPO lived as a child…

On 20 Sep 2012, at 22:42, grief-request at hollyfeld.org wrote:

> No, Sleazy had indeed already joined by 1975.  He was even a member of COUM Transmissions by then. There are pictures from 1975 of Gen, Cosey and Sleazy doing COUM performances in the Wreckers of Civ book. 
> You are thinking of Chris Carter. 
> Chris was actually the last member of TG to join. 
> But Chris still joined in 1975. It even states he was the last member to join in the WOC book. 
> So those recordings (not Blood Pressure), at least Giftgas, is from 1975 from what I remember Sleazy telling me about Giftgas at a TG gig when we were talking and I asked him about it. And probably Kreeme Horn is too... though I didnt ask him about that. 
> Gen just left Peter's name off the Dossier credits because he's a wanker.  
> Grant

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