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I agree with what you are saying. And I have never thought of TG as a normal band. They definitely are not a normal band in the conventional sense nor do they have typical hits like most bands do. But nevertheless TG did release an album called Greatest Hits. :-)
And songs that fans consider to be classics or "hits", they did play a fair amount of them live... Especially during their second phase from 2004-2010. 
People do shout for Hamburger Lady but I think that is mainly because they did play that song quite frequently live.. as well as other so called hits, or more popular tracks that people shout for as well, like Convincing People, Persuasion, What a Day, Discipline, Very Friendly etc. 

And as for fans, sure maybe they did not want fans initially, but even they knew that sooner or later, if their music becomes popular with a certain group of people, you are gonna have fans... Whether your a conventional band that everyone has heard of like The Rolling Stones or The Beatles, or  one that has more of an underground, cult following, like TG, Coil, or Cabs.  That is just inevitable whether you  want fans or not. 


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You are making a mistake by considering TG as a 'band' in the conventional sense, eg, replicating what was on their their LP's, playing the 'hits' etc. That's exactly the thing they were fighting against, the conformity of rock n roll, it's inherent cliches and the expectation of a rock audience towards a rock band. 
I still find it amusing that people think of TG as a normal band, and expect them to behave that way. That's why they got disillusioned by the end, with people in the audience shouting for 'Hamburger Lady', asking for autographs, they didn't want 'fans' they wanted to influence people who heard TG music to think for themselves and create their own individual artistic path in life

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Of course there are a few hits on live tapes/cd's, bit the number is really small.
What do you think is the reason? 
Only technical issues or were they not able to present them live?


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        I thought the 24 hours tapes had a couple of Hamburger Lady versions and at least one Convincing People on the - will have to check !!

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Actually, hardly any live versions of "hits" - Convincing People, Persuasion, Hamburger Lady, Still Walking . and maybe a few others

>>United live


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