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Same here.. I have been looking for a complete set for many years. I do have 17 of the original cassettes and the TG24 CD Set, but as you said I would love to have the whole original thing in the attache case with the 2 interview cassettes. 
The interview cassettes are actually quite interesting. I have them copied onto CDR that a friend kindly made for me. As he has the whole set with the interview cassettes.. copies though I believe.
But three grand for the whole set. Wow.. that is a lot. I knew it was quite valuable but didnt realize it was going for that much. How long ago was this that you saw it for sale?

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Looks like someone has 3 complete '24hrs' Cassette boxes, lucky them!! Last time I saw one of those for sale they were asking $3000 :O. They were priced at £80 in 1980. I've been looking for one of these boxes for about 20 years but i've only seen two for sale. I have about 15 of the original IRC cassettes but always wanted the attache case for the signed handmade collage and the two radio interview cassettes.
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Vinyl on Demand's home page now has a pic of a large TG tape stash ("Grail") - 24 hours cases but alo a few covers I don't recognise in there. Maybe a clue to their on-hold release? 
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