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No.. they are not bootlegs and NO, Gen is NOT suing them. It apparanty was all a"misquote" by Gen. 

Paul Smith, manager of  TG and Ryan Martin manger of  Porridge just posted a statement on throbbinggristle.com saying the above.

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It certainly smells. Mute is no longer involved and dear old Sleazy is gone. C&C released TG's back catalogue in every conceivable format, obviously cashing in, without consulting Genesis and without sharing a penny with him. I purchased all five CD's and two of the vinyl albums. I wasn't overly impressed and now it seems they're all bootlegs...


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As part of the Dreamers music program of ''innovators, icons and iconoclasts'', of which former Melbourne International Jazz Festival director Sophia Brous is curator, Psychic TV will play one show only, of all-new material. There will be no back catalogue of PTV and definitely no Throbbing Gristle - P-Orridge is suing TG's two other surviving members, Cosey Fanni Tutti and Chris Carter, after they allowed the release of the band's back catalogue without P-Orridge's knowledge or permission - or share of proceeds.
''It's outrageous. They didn't even send me a copy of the contract or anything. Their only excuse for not paying me is that they don't like me any more,'' s/he says.



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