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Well the blurb on Boomkat says
"Each album has been restored and remastered specifically for each format by Chris Carter from 24bit 'baked tape' digital transfers of the original first generation analogue master tapes. "
So I'm assuming at some point the original tapes have been used and digitised. They could of course be the same digital transfers that were used to produce the albums when they were originally re-issued but I don't think he's just remastered them off the CD editions.

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really?  do you honestly think they intentionally chose not to include
a popular song like "Something Came Over Me"?

sorry, but when I look at the tracklistings and notice that the bonus
material matches up with the original CD editions closer than a
chronological account of albums and singles, i'm a bit suspect. i hate
to say but i'm now more inclined to believe that these remasters might
actually be remastered from the CD editions and not from original

i did notice distant dreams part two after i posted the note, and yes
it's buried as a bonus track, strangely enough.

On Mon, Oct 24, 2011 at 7:58 AM, Ben Waddington <falsedog at yahoo.com> wrote:
>  No "Something Came Over Me", but "Distant Dreams (Part two)" is there, on
> CD2 of Greatest Hits. A couple of interesting extras there too: "The Old Man
> Smiled (alt version)" and "AB7B" !
> I'm sure they didn't forget, but rather chose not to.
>>Looks like they forgot "Distant Dreams (Part Two)" and "Something Came Over
>> Me"
> jon
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