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No. No mention of Journey Through a Body, In the Shadow of the Sun or TGCD1. Would be nice to see those remastered as well. 

And not just Pastimes/Industrial Muzak, but many other unofficial and semi-official releases as well (e.g. Giftgas, Kreeme Horn, New TG 1 and 2, Nothing Short of a Total War,  the three studio recordings: Music From the Death Factory cassettes from June and July 1976, two of which were done with AlBrecht D.  and one of my favorites, their first release:  Best of. . . Vol. 1)     could really use a new treatment and an official remastered release. 
I have been saying that for years... 
Plus they also have other studio jams/recordings that have never even seen the light of day. Now THOSE releases I would REALLY like to see remastered and officially released, once and for all. I know those would sound excellent restored and remastered by Chris.    


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I got a newsletter email from The Ideal Copy today that provided links
to pre-orders of the new TG reissue 2xCD sets and provided the

Looks like everything's coupled with music from the "Live 1-4" series
and the original bonus tracks are put on the second CD as well,
keeping CD1 as the pure album listening experience:


Looks like they forgot "Distant Dreams (Part Two)" and "Something Came Over Me"

Any mention of TGCD1, Journey Through a Body, or In The Shadow of the
Sun?  Did I miss that thread?  Perhaps Pastimes/Industrial Muzak could
use a new treatment too...

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