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True. They've discussed it for years and music still evolves. That's a given. But Cosey will be on this panel so it may be interesting. As for "The future of Throbbing Gristle", I think it's fairly obvious to say that TG died with the passing of Peter. Plus,Gen quit. And even if he hadn't, IMHO, I just don't think it would be right for TG to continue, playing live, etc, under the TG moniker, without Peter (or any other member for that matter). X-TG was Sleazy and C&C. So if they do carry on, I doubt they'll call it X-TG, (unless it's just Chris & Cosey then maybe they'll call it "C&C Play X-TG") But seriously, even if Gen returned, would you still wanna see TG, or whatever they may call themselves, perform without Sleazy? I sure wouldn't. That's like the Stones without Richards, LPD without Ka-spel,Wire without Gilbert. I feel it's only proper to let TG die with the death of Peter. 35 years (off & on) is a GREAT run! Let TG go out with some dignity and respect, rather then turn into some circus side show act.

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Yeah, I gotta say I'm more interested in that too. A panel discussion by a bunch of old white British people about music and how the "good old days" are gone sounds absolutely boring beyond belief. "Professionals" have been discussing this for decades and music still continues and evolves. 

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What I'm more interested in is......
"A statement regarding the future of Throbbing Gristle will be be published shortly"
Shortly seems to have beeen a very long time.

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So, just what does the future hold for music and art....? Come join Cosey Fanni Tutti, and others, for a discussion on June 2nd, at the ICA. Damn! Wish I could be there. If anyone is going to this and plans on recording it (audio or video), I would greatly appreciate it if I could get a copy. Please contact me offlist. Will gladly trade you something similar and/or interesting from TG, CTI/C&C, or Coil, etc. Thanks in advance. ~  Grant    

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May-June 2010 

Cosey Fanni Tutti at the ICA

Over and Over and Over and Over

Have we reached a point where music has nothing left to revive, borrow or reissue? Does this chime a death knell for popular music or should music look to other art forms for inspiration? Join musician and performer Cosey Fanni Tutti, artists Iain Forsyth and Jane Pollard, Professor of Fashion History Caroline Evans, Simon Reynolds and music writer Rob Young to discuss what the future holds for music and for art more widely.

Thursday 2 June 6.45pm - Cinema 1

Tickets from £10

The Mall


Throughout 2011 Chris Carter and Cosey Fanni Tutti will be performing together as Carter Tutti and Chris & Cosey and also collaborating with other artists and musicians. For full details and links to these shows please visit the http://chrisandcosey.com/ website

CARTER TUTTI PLAY CHRIS & COSEY Gothic Wave Festival, Leipzig, Germany - 13th June
CARTER TUTTI PLAY CHRIS & COSEY Tramway, Glasgow, Scotland - 25th June
CARTER TUTTI PLAY CHRIS & COSEY MIMI Festival, Marsaille, France - 7th July

further announcements to follow...


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