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Another entry of annoying spam from Fred. Who the fuck cares how you perceived things a quarter of a decade ago?


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Dear Jon,

We didn't know each other when I was in PTV.  That was 20 odd years ago.  Of course I had savings when I was in PTV.  You think Gen paid for all my flights to the UK ?  From 1988-1992 I had a nest egg.   A nest egg big enough to throw a Brainwaves Festival.  I busted my ass doing data entry for a Healthcare consortium in a tiny room in Lexington with some scarey Scientologists in the mid-80's saving every penny.  How else could I have been in PTV touring and spending so much time in the UK later on?  I stretched that nest egg out for 5 years.

Jon and I met 10 or so years ago and I certainly have been on a shoestring budget ever since.  I've certainly never had any savings since I've known Mr. Whitney.  I guess I wasn't douchey enough to commit psychic perjury and win more damages than I was worth in a lawsuit against Rick Rubin.  But I did disarm Genesse holding a loaded gun to the back of Caresse's head in Terrance Sellers' and Carl Apfelschnitt's house in Madrid, NM in 1988.

telepathic regards,


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what a lie i tell you

"PTV exhausted your savings?"  you've NEVER had any savings and are
always bitching about money!




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