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Welcome to the nightmare world of QUALITY KONTROL. 



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"The plant will handle it for you" - that's pretty scary actually. 
This is why you get test pressings because I don't always trust the 
in-house master at plants. 

If the guy cutting the masters for an LP decides to drop out your 
sound on tracks 2, 3, 4, whatever on each side, then you need to 
either find another master or turn a single LP into a double LP. 

I had this conversation from a douchey master one time saying "well, 
you need to tell your bands to put their ballads at the end of the 
side" when I got shitty test pressings back and the sides he was 
working with were only approximately 22 minutes. DID YOU EVER HEAR 
SGT. PEPPERS? "A Day In the Life" is not a quiet song (and that 
album's over 40 years old and longer than 22 minutes per side). Then 
he gets back to me a week later to tell me his lathe had to be 

*head, wall, bang* 

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