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Yeah, I totally agree. I love Best of Vol 1, Giftgas, 1st AR, Kreeme Horn, New TG 1 and 2, etc. In fact I probably listen to those early unofficial releases more than the main TG albums! It would be really great if they released those. Well, if were lucky, maybe someday they will.

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"Any other TG tracks you'd like to see paired with vintage porn?"

here you go: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zkMVjKUWdZw

and here's a less porny one, with bits of "after cease to exist" in it: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2YkeM33rwBg

with regards to the reissues, having the main tg albums available on vinyl would be nice, but what i don't get is why there are literally hours of amazing tg material which have yet to be reissued or even issued officially. mainly "the best of vol 1" cassette, the stuff bootlegged as "first annual report", "kreeme horn" and "giftgas", along with the "epping forest" and "mfdf 2" tracks from the "nothing short of a total war" cassette. some of tg's finest work is on those releases, i would be all over an official boxset of that stuff. 

as for having to pick one tg album... it's tie between "second
 annual report" and "live at nuffield theatre, southampton" for me.

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