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It's a campaign. It has nothing to do with art. 
And please go get yourself a job as a nursery teacher if you have such an urge to tell people how to behave. What on earth makes you think that anyone here are going to take your ridiculous scolding seriously? Shut your banal fucking cunt.

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Subject: Comments Re:Grief January/February 2011
Gee. Ok, I am new to the list, but some people are so fucking rude. TG are artists (no, not factory workers), and they will produce in their own time. They (TG) have also been through a time of profound grief , due to the dear departing of Sleazy. How about some respect? Comments such as CC should  'stop tweeting and finish Desertshore' are banal, disrespectful and just plain childish. Grow a brain or fuck off the list if u can't be a little more understanding.

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