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Thanks for that David, that makes a lot of sense now... speaking of porno,
I was surprised the BBFC passed Cabaret Voltaire's DoubleVision VHS with
the E rating, back in the day, when you can clearly see among the montage
of images, some porno f*cking - it's tucked away underneath some videodrome
fuzz, but it's there...

I finally got the Five Vinyls today from boomkat, and I must say I'm
underwhelmed again... How the cover of Greatest Hits slipped the quality
control with that ultra-red/orange color is a mystery and the color on the
D.o.A sleeve is poor too - jeez, even the cover of the Celluloid edition is

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>  I remember when the TGV box came out and how shocked I was at how poor
> the quality compared to the Jettisounds VHS copies. I emailed Chris who
> forwarded my email to Sleazy and he gave me an explanation as to why the
> quality is so poor. Apparently none of the original U-Matic masters exist
> so they had to use high generation copies. I think the originals were taken
> by Scotland Yard when they raided Gen's house in the 80's. I have an
> original Industrial Records mail order Heathen Earth VHS (IRV1) and its so
> much better than the TGV version, it is also uncensored so you can see the
> porno film they were showing on the screen ;) I was thinking of having it
> professionally transferred to Blu-Ray in the near future.
> I went for the FLAC downloads of the remasters and as much as I enjoyed
> them I did hear some clipping and distortion that wasn't on the 1991 CDs,
> maybe someone could spectrum analyze the audio to see how much compression
> was used this time?
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> I would also like to see a proper release of the complete XTG gig at some
> point, not just for our aural pleasure, but to honor Sleazy with as well,
> being that that was his last ever TG/XTG performance. ALso I agree with
> Angus, that while the remasters may have not turned out perfect to
> everyones liking, that much thanks should be given to Chris and Cosey for
> all their time spent on it. And hopefully if we all bug them enough, maybe
> we WILL just get boxset of all the old, rare and unofficial releases. :-)
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> the tgv set was quite poor and a real disappointment, the quality of some
> of it was so bad - like the atp show on there which looks like it's
> recorded on a phone - that a lot the content is pointless.
> "after cease to exist" i've seen, it's interesting historically but that's
> about it. yes, first and last five minutes are a black screen. the rest,
> and possibly most exciting, content is comprised of some brief footage of
> the 1977 nuffield theatre southampton gig (in what looks like, and i think
> is, a university lecture theatre with gp-o wearing a swastika t-shirt),
> after that the viewer gets the chris carter castration (not as convincing
> or horrific as the similar scene from sleazy's "polarvision"), and the
> footage of soo catwoman tied up on a bed. she's actually very cute without
> her punk make up on, so maybe that's of some value to some people.
> i'm not impressed at all by the new remasters that i have picked up so
> far. heathen earth and 20 JFG sound ok, but i think this new master of
> second annual report actually sounds worse than the mute cd issue (even
> though that was at a very low overall volume). listening to the after cease
> to exist soundtrack on both editions, there is a lot more audible tape hiss
> apparent on the recent remaster. all due respect to chris carter, i am
> surprised to hear him mention in recent interviews that these remaster jobs
> have taken up the bulk of this years work of him, since i can't hear any
> great improvement beyond the new issues being slightly louder (i actually
> wouldn't mind hearing this old material with a bit of compression on the cd
> editions). the bonus cds are basically just a new presentation of the four
> live cds which came out on mute.
> i totally agree with grant that a release of early material like the two
> "best of" cassettes, music from the death factory, pastimes etc. would be
> much more exciting. throw in the unreleased jam stuff which appeared on
> "kreeme horn" and "giftgas" and that's a worthy box set release.
> i hope the recording of the XTG live material - of which a couple of desk
> quality excerpts were posted on the industrial records soundcloud - is
> released properly. i'd actually more interested to hear that than the
> desertshore album.
> imho, "journey through a body" is pretty much a failure. oddly enough, it
> sounds to me more like someone trying to imitate the early nurse with wound
> albums, and failing at it. whatever made tg work had surely been lost at
> this stage.
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