[Grief] Since our last report, many things have changed

Ben Waddington falsedog at yahoo.com
Fri Dec 16 05:41:32 PST 2011

I had a lot of fun comparing the different editions - tho I'm actually comparing to the mid 80s Mute re-issues. 

2AR feels a lot nicer and the photos are better on the back - but the lo-fi nature of the original was part of its aesthetic.

DoA - it's no more blurred than the original photo - but certainly the blue filter has been turned up. Fizzy Paet's name is now spelled correctly but Mark Eyles (discoverer of the IBM tape) is now spelled wrongly... maybe one final reissue will fix it. Some layout changes too - generally the tracking is pretty loose.

20JFGs' sleeve is a big difference - but I now think the original was far too dark. You can now make out the coastline better too. Sure, it's a bleak album in places but the new sleeve fits the original joke - a nice sleeve. The photo now extends onto the spine - a nice touch. Inside, a great pic of Sleazy and Gen in the car enjoying biscuits and a cuppa - actually brought a tear to my eye. Chris has cheekily changed the Range Rover's registration to CFT (Cosey's initials) 23TG. 

HE sleeve has been completely redrawn, slightly fuzzier graphic and near-as-dammit new type faces, and the not-so-near new use of Verdana on the back. Inside the gatefold, Chris and Cosey have a few moles airbrushed out and the original straky background has been cleaned up. More of Chris' ABBA badge is visible in the monitor too. Colour balance generally better but Sleazy's pic is pretty dark. 

Greatest Hits still hasn't arrived - but looking forward to checking out the new shade of orange rather than, say, the new TG tracks on there.

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