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> I totally agree Grant, I often think of Journey like something I once
> heard about The White Album - the sound of 4 people not talking to each
> other - maybe it wasn't quite like that in Rome, but there's a sense of a
> group breaking free of it's moorings. I often here people describe certain
> TG stuff as disturbing, but I do find Medicine as a geniuinely
> claustraphobic unsettling experience and I have rarely listened to that
> track right through more than two or three times over the 15 years or so
> I've had that album... Yes, the Pastimes sessions should get an official
> release - I think the Blood Pressure mix of Speed is better than the
> original IRC release - at least to my ears... A shame it didn't end up on
> the 2nd disc of Heathen Earth remaster...
> On Wed, Dec 14, 2011 at 7:57 PM, Grant Regnaert <tripreset at hotmail.com>wrote:
>> Hey Wes,
>> Not sure about remasters of In the Shadow of the Sun and Journey Through
>> A Body... I havent heard anything.
>> but it would be nice if they did though...
>> And also did TGCD1 while they were at it too, as well as CD versions of
>> The Best of...Vol 1 and Pastimes/Industrial muzak.
>> As for Journey Through A Body... I kinda know what you mean. Though I
>> actually like the album, I really have to be in the right mood to hear it
>>  though. But the other TG albums I can pretty much listen to anytime.
>> But yeah Journey definitely is the most different and unique of TGs
>> albums, IMHO. I think by that time TG was already calling it quits as they
>> had been broken up emotionally for a while. I think they were probably just
>> going thru the motions until they officially broke up two months later.
>> Grant
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>> Hey Grant
>> Now that is a strange coincidense ! I must consult WOC later when I
>> get home. I wish I could nail down Bowie's exact quote (I think it may
>> have been said on an interview with US radio) because I do like
>> Bowie...
>> Has there been any mention of Industrial remastering In the Shadow of
>> the Sun and Journey Through A Body ? With respect to Journey, it's
>> easily been least favourite TG record, even though "Birth and Death"
>> is one of TG's most beautiful moments, but having said that, I've
>> always been fascinated with Journey Through A Body - it always struck
>> me as a record that didn't want to be a TG LP. It's a sort of strange
>> and messy end to the first era...
>> On 12/14/11, Grant Regnaert <tripreset at hotmail.com> wrote:
>> > Hey Wes,
>> > Funny you mentioned the David Bowie quote re: TG. Not only have I known
>> > about the quote for many years (I think it may also be in WOC) But i was
>> > JUST TALKING about what Bowie said with my Dr. today.
>> > Weird! Haha
>> > Currently enjoying the all the remasters but am also disappointed with
>> the
>> > CD packaging too. Also agree that DOA does look washed down and a bit
>> > blurred too. Havent got the vinyl yet. . . Was planning to but now Im
>> not so
>> > sure...
>> >
>> > Grant
>> >
>> >
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>> >
>> > Yes, I was disappointed with the CD packaging, and yeah, the D.o.A.
>> cover
>> > does look blurred... I think I was most disappointed with the
>> Second Annual
>> > Report - the large fold out sleeve of liner notes that
>> came with the Mute
>> > edition is much better, and the pics inside the
>> remaster I've seen already.
>> > I was hoping there might be some new liner
>> notes by TG, but it wasn't to
>> > be... I did order the LPs as well - I
>> haven't got them yet, but am kinda
>> > regretting it now... The Second
>> Annual Report does sound good to my ears I
>> > must say, it sounds warmer
>> without losing its edge. After Cease To Exist
>> > sounds really good,
>> sounds like the cobwebs have been blown out of its
>> > darker corners...
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