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Hey Grant

Now that is a strange coincidense ! I must consult WOC later when I
get home. I wish I could nail down Bowie's exact quote (I think it may
have been said on an interview with US radio) because I do like

Has there been any mention of Industrial remastering In the Shadow of
the Sun and Journey Through A Body ? With respect to Journey, it's
easily been least favourite TG record, even though "Birth and Death"
is one of TG's most beautiful moments, but having said that, I've
always been fascinated with Journey Through A Body - it always struck
me as a record that didn't want to be a TG LP. It's a sort of strange
and messy end to the first era...

On 12/14/11, Grant Regnaert <tripreset at hotmail.com> wrote:
> Hey Wes,
> Funny you mentioned the David Bowie quote re: TG. Not only have I known
> about the quote for many years (I think it may also be in WOC) But i was
> JUST TALKING about what Bowie said with my Dr. today.
> Weird! Haha
> Currently enjoying the all the remasters but am also disappointed with the
> CD packaging too. Also agree that DOA does look washed down and a bit
> blurred too. Havent got the vinyl yet. . . Was planning to but now Im not so
> sure...
> Grant
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> Yes, I was disappointed with the CD packaging, and yeah, the D.o.A.
> does look blurred... I think I was most disappointed with the
Second Annual
> Report - the large fold out sleeve of liner notes that
came with the Mute
> edition is much better, and the pics inside the
remaster I've seen already.
> I was hoping there might be some new liner
notes by TG, but it wasn't to
> be... I did order the LPs as well - I
haven't got them yet, but am kinda
> regretting it now... The Second
Annual Report does sound good to my ears I
> must say, it sounds warmer
without losing its edge. After Cease To Exist
> sounds really good,
sounds like the cobwebs have been blown out of its
> darker corners...
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