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Hello fellow Coil/TG friends, 
Just wanted to pass on this letter to you from Danny Hyde, regarding the new release, Electric Sewer Age CD, Moon's Milk (In Final Phase).   
I must say, these tracks, beautifully written by Sleazy and Danny, do not disappoint in the least. They are quite sublime, IMHO. 
Hypnotically tranquil music, that lulls you into a strange state of trance-like relaxation. 

I am definitely looking forward to this ep, which will be released this month in a limited, numbered edition of 999 copies. 
This is the last recorded music that Peter and Danny worked on together. Don't miss out!  See below for all details...   


---Forwarded Message---
From: "danny hyde" 

Hi, a little heads up to you as loyal previous buyer of coil
and/or Aural Rage cds


There will be a
bigger Press release later in the month

Just being released is Electric Sewer age cd #1 -"moons milk
in finalphase" This contains the last tracks that I ever worked on with Peter Christopherson,
the Tracks were mixed and then mastered under Petes control and as such -were
sanctioned by him for release.


Electric Sewer Age is a project first mentioned in 2006 and
was always to contain various UN credited sounds/artists within the Hyde/ Christopherson
and friends stable.

ESA#1 has been pushed out in this form due to Peters
untimely death and the fact that the three tracks contained were to be released
as part of Coils moons milk series, something which looks unlikely to be now
completed in that form.

The Cd comes in a numbered high quality package with sleeve
insert containing picture taken by me of the moment we finally finished the
project out in Bangkok

Please see webpage   http://www.auralrage.com/infinalphase.htm

Buy early before all gone.

Well that is the general info over with, now a little
personal info on project

Late 2006 while in Cambodia I received an Email from peter
to come back to Bangkok to compete this project, which we achieved by middle
2007, listening to the songs now I can hear, particularly in the last song a
melancholy lament to a life lived, at least that is what I hear looking at
those sessions


Best Danny





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