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Didn't Gen introduce himself as "David Brookes" during one of the earlier gigs? I'm sure it's in the 24 hours box somewhere.

And the casssette, I believe, was called "23 Drifts To Guestling", and was some stuff off Gen's answering machine, which made for fun listening.

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Nanavesh was a sort of semi official fanzine run by Dave Farmer. The first issue came out early 1980 just before the 'Heathen Earth' LP came out. The second was all about Psychic TV and the last was a cassette. He was good friends with Gen and spent quite a bit of time with him the the late 70's, visiting Beck Road many times.
Dave is also friend of mine so if there's anything else you need to know ask here and I'll email him. I'm not promising he'll answer as he's a private guy but you never know. 

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Hi all, Just wondering whether any of you on here know much about Nanavesh.  Are there any good places to get the history of the fanzine? How many were there and what were the editions? Cheers Mark  
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