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On a related side note to Desertshore, the following is from Danny Hyde (of Coil, Aural Rage), who incidentally was in Bangkok, helping Sleazy with the composing & programming of Desertshore (as he did with previous Coil albums, such as Black Antlers, The Remote Viewer, The New Backwards, etc.. and also Peter's THBC project). Danny's new Aural Rage album, the special Svay Pak project, limited to 150. Each CD is numbered with its OWN individual artwork! It'll be released in about 2 weeks. I'm very excited! My CD is #46. Links are in his following note:

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Subject: aural rage info
Date: Tue, 19 Apr 2011 17:18:24 +0000

Hi I am writing to you as a previous buyer from me.
I do not write these circulars out very often and apologise for the impersonal nature of it, anyway.
I am writing to you today just to inform you of a release that is taking place on 21st apr 2011.
The release is the new aural rage cd “svay pak”
I have tried in this release to get away from being some kind of coil clone as that would have been the easy path, 
and even amongst coil that was not the path we ever wanted to take.
Anyway amongst this first release is the special 150 copies each with its own individual artwork, these cds are being made by me 
for no mark-up in terms of hours they take and extras needed, but I felt it would be nice to have some connection with people supporting the cause.
As this is first time it has ever been tried in this form I hope that in the future, 
the buyers who buy one of these might even make a profit later on, how cool would that be, the honest buyer and the artist all benefitting .
Pictures are going up now:  http://www.auralrage.com/svaypakpics.htm
Some info on release here: www.auralrage.com/svaypak.htm  and http://www.auralrage.com/Blog.htm
If you have already purchased Why not spread the word on forums, each disc could be a little investment for you.
Note: Some of the early buyers have still not picked their 3 picks and also early buyers could you email me 
with name, address and use the email you originally paid from 
as the record keeping on this is intense-lol and I am getting close to posting off
Best Danny Hyde
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