[Grief] Hamburger Lady flashbacks!

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yes, very enjoyable. a film that looks and sounds so great you can almost ignore its pseudo-existentialist flimflammery. 


apparently he nicked the whole idea from kanye and hype: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HAfFfqiYLp0 

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Not sure if this was  mentioned already, but the newly released DVD of Gasper Noe's Enter The Void, a visually mind-blowing film, which is the full length director's cut, Btw (nearly 3 hrs long!) has an amazing soundtrack, which features TG and COIL, as well as other great artists. The TG track is the hypnotic Carter Tutti remix of Hamburger Lady. And the COIL music is taken from the first disc in the COIL ANS box set. And on the way home from the pharmacy tonight at 1:00am, I was listening to COIL (not ANS), and as soon as I parked my car and shut it off, I instantly had the most intense, vivid LSD flashback that I've ever experienced in my life & the Hamburger Lady remix was playing over and over on a loop in my mind. It lasted about 5 or 10 minutes. And I have no idea what set it off, but my only complaint was that it didn't last longer! : )  Anyway, check out Enter The Void, if you haven't already. Excellent film! 

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