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Hey Dil, 

I'm not touchy at all.  And I don't have an issue with you at all.  I don't even consider my words a rant.  And I'm referring to events that happened from 1988-1993.  Not quite 25 years old.  

I don't know where you get the impression that I'm agressive towards complete strangers.  I guess you can't hear me chuckling as I type this.  I consider it "performance art" actually.  It seems that some of Gen's fans can't cope with my honest opinions and prefer tampons and plastic surgery.  Not sure where you stand actually, but David Brookes for example, seems to think he knows more than he does. 

telepathic regards, 

the kranky scientist 

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fuck! you're touchy!!! I was commenting on the clever word play nothing else. 

Of course feel free to say whatever you want - it's s free internet after all, 
just that no-one really seems interested in your (now 25yr old?) rants on 
this list - perhaps try somewhere it's appreciated. 

Have a nice life (this of course would be easier for you if you weren't so 
aggresive towards complete strangers!) 


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