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Hey Fred, Speaking of Monte, I got his new CD, The Cynic, a couple weeks ago, and it's great! As is your guitar contributions to the album, too. You know, you & Monte really should do an album or side project together. I would love to hear that! Anyway, Have a Special Samhain. Best, Grant

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Those of us who were in PTV heard loads of tasteless remarks about Geoff while he was still alive from Gen himself.  He whined constantly about Sleazy and Geoff and C & C.  

In fact Gen's 1st wife and I were very surprised when Gen said nice things about Geoff once he died.  If you remember correctly, he took an awful long time to make his feelings public.  And once he did, they were most certainly insincere.

I was chatting to Monte last night and he still has an good old fashioned, dark, industrial sense of humor about things.  Funny how Gen and certain members of this list don't anymore.

telepathic regards,

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telepathic at comcast.net wrote:

>Telepathic best wishes to X-TG !  If I had the $ 
>I'd start a group of X-PTVers with Monte and 
>others but maybe I'll launch that when Gen dies 
>of an overdose.

we've read similar tasteless remarks from douglas 
p. right after geoff had died and, still hoping 
that most of us are still here for the music, 
would all you former important artists of the 
eighties please spare us your private hate 
gossip? because, we're here for the music and 
couldn't care less about the rest. if you still 
feel anything so totally needs to be aired in 
public, do that in one of your upcoming 
magazine/webzine interviews and that should be 
it, once and for all. thanks!


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