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I bet you're loving this aren't you Fred :/ Funny thing is, you only seem to appear when something bad happens and wallow in the misery of the pathetic half career you had in a virtually ignored era of Psychic TV. Face facts boy, no one would have ever heard of you if it wasn't for Gen, you owe him EVERYTHING! 

I've pissed myself laughing at the fact that you're so desperate for a little fame that you actually wrote your own wikipedia entry because, face it, no one else would've ever done that would they. As we say in the North of England, you're a fucking no-mark. 

Dear David Brookes, 

Once again you are wrong. I don't owe Gen ANYTHING. While Gen certainly owes me a considerable amount of royalties. 

My so called "virtually ignored era of Psychic TV" was the most visible era of PTV in the USA ever. But you wouldn't have noticed that, in that shithole you call the Norf of England. The KLF were right, it's Grim up North with wankers like you. 

Frankly, I'm not loving it. It's to be expected that Gen would exit TG in typical drama queen fashion. I do hope Paul Smith sues his ass for damages because that's all that Gen cares about is $. 

telepathic regards, 

PS I didn't write my own wikipedia entry at all. Sure looks like Gen wrote his though. Face it David Brookes, YOU are thee nobody. I had a long run in PTV and in the Techno community. What did you contribute musically ? I'm pissing myself laughing that you think I'm so "desperate" for fame when I've never had any mindless, wasteful, cosmetic surgery and haven't turned into an inflatable Carol Channing. Isn't it almost time for some TOPY ritual magick you wanker ? 
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