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I bet you're loving this aren't you Fred :/ Funny thing is, you only seem to appear when something bad happens and wallow in the misery of the pathetic half career you had in a virtually ignored era of Psychic TV. Face facts boy, no one would have ever heard of you if it wasn't for Gen, you owe him EVERYTHING!

I've pissed myself laughing at the fact that you're so desperate for a little fame that you actually wrote your own wikipedia entry because, face it, no one else would've ever done that would they. As we say in the North of England, you're a fucking no-mark.

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 time for some major Gen bashing again. I'm just waiting for Fred 
Gianelli to join the party. They're having plenty of fun on the 
COIL-list as well. Join the campaign. No need to wait for more details 
on the background. It's all Genesis fault anyway. He's an untalanted, 
evil, detached druggie.

With followers who despise him/her that much It's no wonder he's had it and leaves for N.Y.


LOL, well it should come as no surprise that Gen is now a mess physically, mentally and psychically.  However I have no idea why he quit.  Could be drugs, probably is more like $.  Gen probably doesn't like splitting the TG income 4 + management ways and now that income is so low, it's probably not worth doing anymore after all his expenses to travel to gigs and be put up.  I'm sure he'd rather sit around doing drugs in the Lower East Side and creating artwork of no particular value and attempting to be a "fine" artist after being such a dilettante for all these years.

Let's face it X-TG doesn't really need him anymore anyway.  I attended the 1st TG gig in NYC and Charlie had so many effects and the volume so low on Gen's mic that he was pretty much a shouting ambient wash used as a sound effect.  

or perhaps it's off to Re-Hab ?  I hear re-hab is a good place for quitters.  

Telepathic best wishes to X-TG !  If I had the $ I'd start a group of X-PTVers with Monte and others but maybe I'll launch that when Gen dies of an overdose.

telepathic regards,
the kooky scientist

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