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X-PTV would be cool if you could get the deceased members onboard and a new
tiny blonde child.

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> It's time for some major Gen bashing again. I'm just waiting for Fred
> Gianelli to join the party. They're having plenty of fun on the COIL-list as
> well. Join the campaign. No need to wait for more details on the background.
> It's all Genesis fault anyway. He's an untalanted, evil, detached druggie.
> With followers who despise him/her that much It's no wonder he's had it and
> leaves for N.Y.
> -Fredrik
> LOL, well it should come as no surprise that Gen is now a mess physically,
> mentally and psychically.  However I have no idea why he quit.  Could be
> drugs, probably is more like $.  Gen probably doesn't like splitting the TG
> income 4 + management ways and now that income is so low, it's probably not
> worth doing anymore after all his expenses to travel to gigs and be put up.
> I'm sure he'd rather sit around doing drugs in the Lower East Side and
> creating artwork of no particular value and attempting to be a "fine" artist
> after being such a dilettante for all these years.
> Let's face it X-TG doesn't really need him anymore anyway.  I attended the
> 1st TG gig in NYC and Charlie had so many effects and the volume so low on
> Gen's mic that he was pretty much a shouting ambient wash used as a sound
> effect.
> or perhaps it's off to Re-Hab ?  I hear re-hab is a good place for
> quitters.
> Telepathic best wishes to X-TG !  If I had the $ I'd start a group of
> X-PTVers with Monte and others but maybe I'll launch that when Gen dies of
> an overdose.
> telepathic regards,
> the kooky scientist
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