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Man! That's a big bummer, that TG broke up again. And AGAIN, due to Gen (just like in '81, when they broke up, it was mainly due to Gen's reasons). But honestly, I am actually not that surprised at all. I had a weird feeling for a while now, ever since the end of the US 2009 tour, that Gen would pull some crap like this sooner or later. Well, we will see if it's permanent. But I am quite sure the Desertshore album, and any other tentative releases that they may have had in the works, will most likely come to fruition. But man, this news coming hot on the heels of Sleazy's/TG's new equipment and all the new live material they created, really couldn't have come at a worse time. And one would think that Gen, being in the music for 35+ years, would at LEAST be professional about it and finish out the years planned gigs, rather than unprofessionally and immaturely informing the other members of his decision via email! Jeez... IMO, that's pretty childish. I wonder if Gen even gave a reason as to "Why?"?!?

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> again! 8-(
> see www.throbbing-gristle.com
> DIL23
> :)
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