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Thanks for the link. Some interesting nuggets of info in there. I do remember how upset Chris was when it finally hit him just exactly WHAT he had done when he sold all his equipment. And Brian (Lustmord) Williams - I believe it was him, if memory serves correct, tried telling him NOT to sell his stuff, and that he was making a big mistake, one which he would end up regretting. And Brian was definitely right, that's for sure. I can't imagine selling a whole studio containing a plethora of great, kick-ass analogue gear that he had for many years... Some of it for a quarter of a century, too! Well, I hope that Chris manages to find/re-aquire some of his more treasured pieces. I know he was recently looking to repurchase one of those very rare, hard to find, Synthi AKS pieces from the 70's, which I believe he originally had 2 of them, but now theyre going for around 4000 pounds! I hope he finds it if he hasn't already, but old gear or new,  he's a genius and still makes excellent music regardless.

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A quick chris carter interview. cheers, s.
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