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it's over at cosey's blog with an invitation to comment: http://coseyfannitutti.blogspot.com/2010/11/at-tender-age-of-20-he-introduced.html

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Wow. I cannot even begin to imagine how the loss of our dear Sleazy has/is affecting Cosey and Chris. 35 years of close friendship! My heart really goes out to C&C, and my thoughts and prayers are with them (and all his very close friends/family) as well during this difficult time.

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Cosey on Sleazy from Unklesleazy.tv comments page (over 1000 tributes there now) :

At the tender age of 20 he introduced himself to me. From that moment on I affectionately called him Sleazy and he became my dear friend, collaborator, experientialist and explorer of life, loves and beyond. We got up to so many things, created so much music and art together, laughed, cried and caused havoc at times. What wonderful memories. Of all the many people I’ve known he was one of the very few who was genuinely kind with not a trace of malice in him. I can’t express the void his passing has created but in my grief I hold on to his wish not to be sad as he passes over into his next life with his heart melting smile and that arched Sleazy eyebrow. All the love in my heart and blessings my beautiful Sleazy, I miss you so much. x x x x
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