[Grief] Peter Christopherson

Mark Kolmar mark at burningrome.com
Sat Nov 27 17:24:46 PST 2010

We all have our own ways to process our grief. I'd like for us not to 
turn on each other because of these differences.

One could imagine that a man who properly earned a nickname "Sleazy" 
might encounter a number of hazards in his natural course of events. 
Even so, 55 seems too early to go.

Someone wants to process why and how. Someone else finds it too personal 
or morbid. A lot of different kinds of outbursts should be expected. 
Anger is a normal phase.

I only knew him through his work and influence. Seems like we all lost 
out on the potential of a few late-period masterworks. For those who 
were friends and direct acquaintances, I can hardly imagine your loss.


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