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Sat Nov 27 13:26:22 PST 2010

since, i guess, you never spent dinner with 
sleazy why not just refrain from comments like 
"Christopherson was overweight and probably ate 
whatever was at hand"?
english may not be my mother tongue but still 
this sentence sounds really disrespectful to me 
and i see no sense at all in posting something 
like this right after someone has died.

regarding what others wrote, of course i don't 
see anything wrong with a healthy curiousity 
about what happened. i've been friends with geff 
since very long but also met peter on the remote 
viewer tour that ironflame.de was presenting 
their german/swiss/austrian dates, so naturally i 
also got to spend time with him.
even so, i don't think this gives me any 'right' 
to know what happened. someone will let us know 

what solely exasperated me here were remarks like
"Christopherson was overweight and probably ate whatever was at hand"
"the only exercise he probably engaged in was 
programming MAX/MSP on this laptop"
"Christopherson was probably very lax with his health and paid the price"

and i stand by my opinion that they sound very 
disrespectful to me, but, also i don't wanna 
carry this on forever, because this is still the 
time for mourning and grief, but surely not for 
fights. sorry for the flare-up


p.s.: since chances are that grief still stands 
for "talk about throbbing gristle and the 
discussions of the following related topics: 
burroughs, monte cazzaza, chris and cosey, coil, 
couum transmissions, psychic tv, cabaret 
voltaire, clock dva, spk, derek jarman, ica, 
etc..." i don't see the need to unsubscribe, 
thanks s., rio

>I've been hearing his music for decades and have 
>always held a deep respect for the man and his 
>art and am deeply sorry he has suddenly passed 
>Now my fine friend, I can give a rat's arse if 
>you feel crossed with what I and others wrote 
>about Christopherson's death, but that's what I 
>sincerely think and stand by my words and make 
>absolutely NO apologies here. And if you don't 
>like reading such comments, do yourself a favor 
>- you can easily unsubscribe from this 
>discussion list.
>cheers, s., rio.

>>is that the advantages of the internet, web 2.0 
>>and so forth that all and everybody seriously 
>>feel they have the right to get the last word 
>>and knowledge about every tiny detail of those 
>>whose records they buy - or more often: grab 
>>for free online?
>>your job is to remunerate, appreciate and 
>>honour the works of the artists not stick your 
>>nose into every tiny corner of their private 
>>lives. all this speculating about the cause of 
>>his death really makes me sick. especially when 
>>the beauty standards conformists raise their 
>>voice again: overweight! how contradictory to 
>>the norm!
>>if you and others of your tune would be a bit 
>>more familiar with the gay bear movement, that 
>>sleazy was at least remotely part of you would 
>>know that there's hundreds of thousands of 
>>overweight men even in their 70s that are 
>>enjoying a great life and health - in spite of 
>>being overweight and living not the most 
>>healthy lifestyle.
>>sleazy is dead - bad enough, so just everybody 
>>take it as it is. what fucking difference does 
>>it make, why exactly it happened?! to make you 
>>feel better? to make him more guilty of not 
>>delivering the promised future records & gigs 
>>you feel you have the right to be delivered to 

>>>Christopherson was overweight and probably ate 
>>>whatever was at hand - at his mid 50 and to 
>>>suddenly die in his sleep, this may have been 
>>>the cause. I'm a good deal younger than him, 
>>>at 41, actually under my weight and quite 
>>>lean, exercise daily, do not eat anything 
>>>sweet or with sugar, food very low on fat, a 
>>>good deal of vegetables and so on and so forth 
>>>- yet, still, I suffer from high blood 
>>>pressure and rather poor health and am already 
>>>on medication. From glancing at 
>>>Christopherson's more recent photos - the only 
>>>exercise he probably engaged in was 
>>>programming MAX/MSP on this laptop....becaming 
>>>too overweight for his good, and the heart 
>>>just gave in - just a glance of his photos 
>>>when in Coum and TG, comparing to recent 
>>>shots, it really does amaze me on how much 
>>>weight he gained over the years. This is also 
>>>quite visible in a few and very recent 
>>>interviews I have seen on Youtube. I really 
>>>don't believe the death was due to pulmonary 
>>>embolism - unfortunately, Christopherson was 
>>>probably very lax with his health and paid the 
>>>price - a pity, especially from someone with 
>>>such a rich output and great music. No doubt, 
>>>his genius will be greatly missed.
>>>cheers, s.


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