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Dude, when someone dies at 55, it's disturbing. And all of us are facing our
own mortality, so we have a natural interest in learning what could cause
someone to die prematurely like that, so that we can hopefully avoid a
similar fate. There's no disrespect. Obviously something caused him to die;
it's human nature to want to know about this. There's no sense acting like
it doesn't matter.

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> is that the advantages of the internet, web 2.0 and so forth that all and
> everybody seriously feel they have the right to get the last word and
> knowledge about every tiny detail of those whose records they buy - or more
> often: grab for free online?
> your job is to remunerate, appreciate and honour the works of the artists
> not stick your nose into every tiny corner of their private lives. all this
> speculating about the cause of his death really makes me sick. especially
> when the beauty standards conformists raise their voice again: overweight!
> how contradictory to the norm!
> if you and others of your tune would be a bit more familiar with the gay
> bear movement, that sleazy was at least remotely part of you would know that
> there's hundreds of thousands of overweight men even in their 70s that are
> enjoying a great life and health - in spite of being overweight and living
> not the most healthy lifestyle.
> sleazy is dead - bad enough, so just everybody take it as it is. what
> fucking difference does it make, why exactly it happened?! to make you feel
> better? to make him more guilty of not delivering the promised future
> records & gigs you feel you have the right to be delivered to with...?
>  Christopherson was overweight and probably ate whatever was at hand - at
>> his mid 50 and to suddenly die in his sleep, this may have been the cause.
>> I'm a good deal younger than him, at 41, actually under my weight and quite
>> lean, exercise daily, do not eat anything sweet or with sugar, food very low
>> on fat, a good deal of vegetables and so on and so forth - yet, still, I
>> suffer from high blood pressure and rather poor health and am already on
>> medication. From glancing at Christopherson's more recent photos - the only
>> exercise he probably engaged in was programming MAX/MSP on this
>> laptop....becaming too overweight for his good, and the heart just gave in -
>> just a glance of his photos when in Coum and TG, comparing to recent shots,
>> it really does amaze me on how much weight he gained over the years. This is
>> also quite visible in a few and very recent interviews I have seen on
>> Youtube. I really don't believe the death was due to pulmonary embolism -
>> unfortunately, Christopherson was probably very lax with his health and paid
>> the price - a pity, especially from someone with such a rich output and
>> great music. No doubt, his genius will be greatly missed.
>> cheers, s.
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