[Grief] Still in shock but

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Yeah.. This whole thing is like a bad dream. A horrible nightmare. And I don't wanna believe it. Its so surreal. But sadly, he has passed on. Like Burroughs, Peter also touched my life in many ways (and while it was very sad when WSB died, he was 83 so it wasnt quite a shock. Peter was only 55!). And he was also my friend. Been crying all day & reading his emails to me from the last 6 yrs, while listening to COIL/THBC/SoiSong, TG etc. I forgot how good his 12 min solo track, Animal Are You? is from 2006. He released it under the COIL name for the Absinthe box, in memory of John. Danny Hyde MAY have helped him, but Im not sure off hand..Basically its a solo track by Peter. And the 3 unreleased Moon's Milk tracks that Peter recorded with Danny in 2007 (for the re-issue of the Bonus Moons Milk CD) seem to be more sweet now, than when I first heard them/got copies nearly 3 years ago. I miss you! May you rest in peace, as your memory lives on forever through your beautiful, magickal & timeless music and other art.

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> Tributes coming in if you search the web. There's a nice official place to leave comments on Carter's Flikr page....
> Any one have any news on the cause of death?
> Also wonder what will happen about ATP. 
> Perhaps C&C could bring themselves to perform a duo tribute set, though I wouldn't blame them if they couldn't...
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