[Grief] new TG vinyl edition next year

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You should have asked Chris what the vinyl edition is going to be. Maybe I'll ask Cosey or Sleazy...unless we all wanna be surprised. You know, it could be a re-issue of the Fetish Boxed Set (the 5 LP's)? That would be cool! Or maybe it's a vinyl edition of one of the IR cassette only releases, like IRC01 - Best of Vol. 2, or IRC23 - Pastimes/Industrial Muzak? Well, we'll find out sometime in the next 4 years, unless it miraculously DOES get released in 2011! : )

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Subject: [Grief] new TG vinyl edition next year

I just asked Chris Carter on Twitter if he had any plans for digitally remastering TG's four "studio" albums just as he has done with the Chris&Cosey ones recently. This was the answer he gave:
' the TG catalogue isn't being remastered as such but a new vinyl edition is being released in 2011 '.
Any guesses as to what this vinyl edition will be?

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