[Grief] The free downloads

DIL23 hex at blueyonder.co.uk
Thu Nov 18 16:13:22 PST 2010


but maybe they're just waiting - there's stilll another X-TG show to go in 
December! - so who knows - still waiting on Desertshore! What's the bets that 
as TG are no more(?) the release is further delayed by allsortsa legal shit!


On Friday 19 November 2010 00:00:21 Grant Regnaert wrote:
> I wholeheartedly agree about making the whole gig available as a download
> for sale. They should...They are already set up, as they did it with 32AR!
> And better yet, as you pointed out, a lavish live box, down the road (like
> they did with TG24 & TG+) would be sweet! They could do a "TG24 - Part 2"
> or something like that, with all the gigs since 2004 to present. I would
> definitely buy it, as I am sure most of the TG fans would, and it would
> sell out just as quick as TG24 did, I bet! As for the full X-TG bootleg, I
> havent heard it yet, as I am waiting for a good friend to send me a copy...
> But I am looking forward to it! : )
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> > Subject: [Grief] The free downloads
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> > What does anyone think of the two free downloads?
> >
> > Whilst I'm grateful that X-TG made them available, having heard the full
> > bootleg, the free tracks are actually my least favorite from the show.
> > They're not that typical of the show. There's some really great loud
> > grinding stuff in the concert. Proper noisy. And I love Sleazy's words to
> > the crowd too! Not to beat a dead horse on this issue, it would be really
> > nice if they made the whole show available, for free or otherwise. The
> > bootleg sound is pretty good after consideration, but to have a perfect
> > sound version would be great. I'd pay $15 or whatever for it. I can't
> > imagine it would cost them that much tech to set up paid downloads of the
> > show? Isn't that already set-up via Greedbag from the 32AR downloads? My
> > theory is that they will save all these shows for some kind of lavish
> > box-set down the way. Which would be great. And which I will buy. But
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