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Yeah, the shipping is pretty expensive, but luckily I didn't have to pay for any shipping fees at all! As Sleazy kindly waived all the shipping fees for those who ordered the Special Patrons Edition of CSO, three months ago before Xmas, since our money helped fund the costs to make CSO. The Patrons Edition is limited to 200 boxes and comes with a few extra surprises...it sold out in 3 days!! So since I had the money and was lucky enough to be one of the first 200, I really lucked out by getting free shipping on top of it! The Patrons Edition also comes with a special framed certificate, signed by Sleazy, (which he already mailed out at Xmas time). Now, I am just waiting for the 16 DVD's! But after 5 years of waiting, another month or two won't kill me...although it feels like an eternity! : ) 

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yeah haha!

I'm not on the Coil mailing list so I only noticed this earlier this week...and promptly ordered it. -_-; I suppose by the time I have it in my hands the pain of how much the damn thing cost (and really I thought it was reasonable until I got hit with an additional 25% in shipping charges) will have long since gone away.

Very exciting, though!


2010/3/18 s. borges <sergio433 at gmail.com>

Have no idea when (and if) this was released - wild! http://www.thresholdhouse.com/arrivals.html
cheers, s., rio.

Enquanto uns andam de joelhos, outros tocam a pavana - Pappon & Volpato.


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