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Mark Kolmar mark at burningrome.com
Sat Mar 6 16:16:53 PST 2010

I find that artists who do some great work are never as great as what 
they do.  GPO has had some mind-boggling work over the last 35 years or 
so.  He may be a complete train-wreck on a personal basis.  That should 
take nothing away from the best of his music, unless perhaps you dealt 
with him personally.  Too bad about that if you did.  I picked up one of 
the recent Thee Majesty records, and honestly I could not stand to 
listen to any one track all the way through.  Terrible rockist dreck. 
Possibly he has another worthwhile electro-acoustic work in him, or a 
compelling spoken-word piece, or maybe not.  It's all been out there for 
us to judge.


telepathic at comcast.net wrote:
> Not all of us have the $ to pursue lawsuits or frivolous plastic surgery.
> FYI, I have no interest in fame whatsoever.  Gen's the desperate one 
> clinging to the hollow concept of "fame". 
> Why are you so involved in clinging to your favorable perception of that 
> loser ?  I can assure you that most of the people involved in PTV the 
> years I was involved feel similar and think along the same lines as I 
> do.  I just happen to be able to say them publicly so that people like 
> you seem to get annoyed.  Either way I'm just chuckling at him and those 
> who are devoted to his bullshit. 
> telepathic regards,
> the kooky scientist
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> I agree, surely you would and could have resolved this money issue 
> legally year's ago, so why haven't you? I guess you're too busy clinging 
> on to your 15 minutes of being 'nearly' famous a decade or so ago.
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