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I think this is mighty interesting. Please give us some details, Fred, about those crack-whore-car-crash antics of GBP-O, that made everyone hate him so. 


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Not all of us have the $ to pursue lawsuits or frivolous plastic surgery.

FYI, I have no interest in fame whatsoever.  Gen's the desperate one clinging to the hollow concept of "fame".  

Why are you so involved in clinging to your favorable perception of that loser ?  I can assure you that most of the people involved in PTV the years I was involved feel similar and think along the same lines as I do.  I just happen to be able to say them publicly so that people like you seem to get annoyed.  Either way I'm just chuckling at him and those who are devoted to his bullshit.  

telepathic regards,
the kooky scientist

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I agree, surely you would 
and could have resolved this money issue legally year's ago, so why 
haven't you? I guess you're too busy clinging on to your 15 minutes of 
being 'nearly' famous a decade or so ago. 

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