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I've heard of this jerking off phenomenon. Didn't Gen incorporate that into his cult way back when ? 

Gee... you just can't stand to see anyone say anything truthful from their perspective about your hero. If you think I am 12 then I probably won't be able to enlighten your feeble sycophantic 11 year old mind. Which is of course fine by me also. How well did you know GP-O or do know the current GBP-O ? Or are you just a consumer who swallows whole whatever rubbish he spouts ? 

Funny how people can wish bad things on people like: Dick Cheney, George Bush, Rush Limbaugh, Sarah Palin. All of whom I despise and yet because I put GBP-O in with those corrupt, evil, self centered types you can't handle it. 

The only higher validation I know is that we all end up dead. Some of us deserve to be sooner than later. So what else is new ? 

telepathic regards, 
the kranky scientist 


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it seems likes there's probably better avenues of finding reconciliation for 
the situation than complaining about it on the internet to entirely 
uninvolved parties. what are you, twelve? you're just jerking off, everyone 
knows it, which is of course fine by me, but let's not pretend you have some 
higher validation, eh? 

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