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This Fred contribution was actually quite informative!


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Oh dear! Can't resist another dig can you? What a bitter individual you are. Let it go, it was years ago.

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I'm not sure where Thomas is getting his info where GBP-O dislikes Kraftwerk.

In fact the GP-O I used to know did like them and was proud of the fact that he took his wife at the time to see the Computer World tour.  I then used a Kraftwerk loop from their track "Music Non-Stop" and put it in the track "Infinite Beat" which we toured live extensively.  When it came to the final mix for the studio version we took it out because we would have had to have cleared the sample and knew that Kraftwerk were not very fond of being sampled and could have refused which would have caused release date delays.

If GBP-O dislikes Kraftwerk now, perhaps he has tried to delete the brain cells that held his past appreciation of their work and his 1st wife, with massive amounts of Ketamine, Heroin, LSD and XTC.

telepathic regards,

the kooky scientist

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