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Wed Mar 3 16:52:55 PST 2010

There was a Chris Carter tweet a few months ago talking about KW that  
said the rest of TG like KW but GP-O doesn't. I guess that was then  
and this is now...

On Mar 3, 2010, at 4:36 PM, telepathic at comcast.net wrote:

> I'm not sure where Thomas is getting his info where GBP-O dislikes  
> Kraftwerk.
> In fact the GP-O I used to know did like them and was proud of the  
> fact that he took his wife at the time to see the Computer World  
> tour.  I then used a Kraftwerk loop from their track "Music Non- 
> Stop" and put it in the track "Infinite Beat" which we toured live  
> extensively.  When it came to the final mix for the studio version  
> we took it out because we would have had to have cleared the sample  
> and knew that Kraftwerk were not very fond of being sampled and  
> could have refused which would have caused release date delays.
> If GBP-O dislikes Kraftwerk now, perhaps he has tried to delete the  
> brain cells that held his past appreciation of their work and his  
> 1st wife, with massive amounts of Ketamine, Heroin, LSD and XTC.
> telepathic regards,
> the kooky scientist
> 2010/3/3 Thomas Berg <bergs_postkasse at hotmail.com>
>  Personally, I think 'Desertshore' is an incredibly dull album, as is
> anything Nico ever did. I would rather have TG covered something else.
> Someone once suggested they'd cover Kraftwerk's 'Die Mensch Machine'.
> According to Chris Carter, this wouldn't be out of the question if  
> it were
> not for Genesis who dislikes Kraftwerk.
> My choice for an album TG should cover is 'Loveless' by My Bloody  
> Valentine.
> Wouldn't that be awsome?
> Just Imagine...
> What would be your choice(s)?
> - Thomas.
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