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Desert Shore is so much better than anything of the alternatives mentioned so far. My nominee: Laibach's Kapital. Or one the first three Coil albums. Those results would be interesting. 

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Loveless!!! Yes, what a brilliant suggestion! I can't even imagine how a TG version would sound like. s., rio.

2010/3/3 Thomas Berg <bergs_postkasse at hotmail.com>

 Personally, I think 'Desertshore' is an incredibly dull album, as is anything Nico ever did. I would rather have TG covered something else.

Someone once suggested they'd cover Kraftwerk's 'Die Mensch Machine'. According to Chris Carter, this wouldn't be out of the question if it were not for Genesis who dislikes Kraftwerk.

My choice for an album TG should cover is 'Loveless' by My Bloody Valentine. Wouldn't that be awsome? 
Just Imagine... 

What would be your choice(s)?

- Thomas.


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