[Grief] Unused "Gristleisms"?

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Thanks for the review link, Angus. And I'm with you. I also like the 4 unused slogans a lot better. Wonder why they didn't use them? IMHO, I think that TG should have used those four that you listed, along with four more, to have 3 different cards of slogans for all 3 colours. That would've made more sense. Unless TG already did do that and I'm only aware of the 4 slogans that came with mine. 

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Subject: [Grief] Unused "Gristleisms"?

Of minor interest perhaps.
I checked out this review of the Gristleism:
http://drownedinsound.com/community/boards/music/4211101and it mentions four Gristleism slogans that, as far as I understood, were not amongst the ones listed as being with the units. At least I never heard of them before. They are:
"Entertainment Through Pain", "Ugly As Your Pastime", "Assume All Communications Tapped", "Data Is Nothing, Action Is Everything"
Personally I think these are much better than the ones that went out.
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