[Grief] Thee instead of The

Jasper Dionisio strangers at gmail.com
Wed Feb 17 10:06:08 PST 2010

Using "thee" in place of "the," as used by GP-O, is rather widespread.
There's the Pigface album "Notes from Thee Underground," there's Thee Silver
Mt. Zion Memorial Orchestra, I just found via Google a band called Thee
Butcher's Orchestra... also I've seen it in other places, too, that I can't
think of at the moment. What is the deal with this, does anyone know? Did
not GP-O coin this? Are all these bands referencing him when they do this,
or is it just a coincidence? And also why is it so popular? "Thee" is
actually a conjugation of "thou," meaning "you"...
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