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Danny B danny at thee-nook.co.uk
Fri Feb 12 01:20:13 PST 2010


Picked up a free red bull music paper in London on Tuesday, settled down on
train to think why have I picked this waste of paper up - on page 2 - 3
there was an interview with chris and cosey apparatnly from an event on 8th
feb , then a couple of pages later a mention of the 20 jazz funk greats
blog. Then an article on psychedelia  written by Richard Norris, and finally
a list of 20 ( I think) records ahead of their time - including jack the
tab.. All in paper about 10 pages long


They say the c& c int is on the web site, I can't see it on a brief look but
a lot of other lecture videos including this of cosey, haven't looked in
much depth on the site though,



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