[Grief] Gristleism

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Fri Sep 25 23:38:54 PDT 2009

It would be perhaps slightly unsporting but as none of the pieces about it have mentioned a headphone socket I'm inclined to think there isn't one.... I look forward to being proved wrong.


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> Some time ago there was a video
> somewhere with C.C. turning knobs on the original
> Gristlelizers (the newly rebuilt effects units) which were
> hooked to buddha machines. Now, if the new Gristleizers
> don't have outputs, how grossly unsporting would you think
> that would be? Hon-aye!
> Don't get me wrong,  - please - , I am a German, yes!
> But it would be quite interesting if that thing were an
> instrument for us to play with (rather than a consumer
> product like the buddha machine (which I  have &
> love)), no?
> And that thing is digital.
> Greetings
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