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The original Buddha Machine has a mini headphone jack. As far as the Gristelizer goes, there is no mention of one at all and based on the photos, it's uncertain.

??? anyone?

If it doesn't have an audio out, you could either hack one, or (if there ever is one) hold out for the iphone version.  :)
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  Still wondering whether or not this has an audio out. I don't have much use for one if it doesn't...

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    Oops, I meant Buddha Machine not Buddha Box. How does the Buddha Machine sound? I've got one of the first edition ones and quite honestly the sound is fairly low resolution. The loops play on top of a bed of hiss/noise. In a way it's a little charming, but still. Apparently the second Buddha Machine (with all new loops) offers more fidelity but I haven't heard one. I have heard the loops though as they are all available on the Buddha Machine iphone app.

    The Gristleism website says "twice the frequency range of the original Buddha Machines". Hopefully this means it sounds better too!

    Now, the next question is, when will we get a Gristleism iphone app? 
    (typo corrected!)

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      What's the sound level like from a regular Buddha Box? I mean, is it a
      decent output?

      Regarding the colours.... personally I was hoping for a camouflage
      one. How cool would that have been?

      With a nice TG logo.

      Maybe I'll buy a black one and paint that on myself. What a geek.

      On Sep 23, 2009, at 12:24 PM, Metabolic wrote:

        I went ahead and splurged on the tri-colour box. Someone please pass
        a kleenex. But seriously, yes, I ordered the box set. As an owner of
        a Buddha Box I figure one Gristleism device would be fun, but three
        would be more fun. Place 'em around the room each playing a
        different loop. And yes, it's a novelty but when the fun factor
        wears off, the resale value of the tri-colour box will have gone up.
        Only a hundred in existence eh? Not that I'll probably ever sell
        considering how gorgeous the silk covered box is. Yeah, I'm a sucker.

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