[Grief] Gristleism arrived

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Yeah, I ordered mine from Soleilmoon. My order ships out tomorrow : ) Their prices are actually pretty reasonable. I've been ordering from them since 1993 and never really had a problem. I am kind of bummed to hear that the Gristleism battery compartment is too small. : ( 

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HeySoleilmoon in USA has them for  $27.79.—Pitchfork AVAILABLE IN THREE DIFFERENT COLORS. ORDER CODE 10654 BLACK, 10655 CHROME AND 10656 RED.ITEM NUMBER: 10654FORMAT: Sound BoxPRICE: $27.79But I ordered mine from the "Greedbag" and have yet to receive it.G.
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Subject: [Grief] Gristleism arrived
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Date: Sunday, November 29, 2009, 5:06 PM

Anyone else get theirs?

My red badged edition arrived on Friday and so far I'm enjoying it. Great loops esp. TJFG and Maggot Death. 
Build quality is a bit lacklustre, the pitch dial is very stiff and the battery compartment is slightly too small so that when the batteries are installed they force the battery cover to stick out leaving a gap :( Other than that pretty good but not worth £25 quid.

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