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Hello, I had an audio CDR of the 70+ min TG gig at Tate Modern, from May of 2007... BUT, unfortunately, my friends car was broken into while he was borrowing it and now it is forever gone, as I sadly, did not back it up on my PC. And it was one of my fav. TG gigs of recent years...all instrumental too! Please, if anyone can help me and please burn me a CDR copy of that Tate Modern, May 2007 gig, I would be MOST grateful! And I will also return the favor, too (i.e. As I have rare & UNreleased TG, COIL, etc.)! Please contact me offlist.  THANK YOU IN ADVANCE! : ) - Grant R

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....downloadable short interview with TG in USA on recent tour (also has some 
nice archive video clips etc)

direct download:

Full page at:

BTW - TG in Scotland (Tramway, Glasgow 17th June 2009)  - see you there! ;)

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